who we are:

Defining questions

What is our primary purpose in life?

We exist to...Know God, Love God, and to Serve God

We recognize we are created by God to have a personal relationship with him.  It is in this personal relationship that God reveals his glory through Jesus Christ.  That allows us to know Christ and to find our satisfaction, purpose, passion, and victory in life through him.  We seek Jesus above all else as the treasure of infinite value that brings unsurpassable joy.

It is Jesus we seek to know in a way that changes us at our very core.

It is Jesus we seek to love in response to his nature and love for us.

It is Jesus we seek to serve out of gratitude for our salvation and out of love for others.

what is our mission?

To Glorify God and love people by making disciples in Andrews and around the world.

Our mission leads us to be:

  • Biblically Centered: We believe God is the author of the Bible and therefore it is our primary and supreme source of truth. We hold the Bible to be absolutely true. It defines who we are and how we should act. The Bible reveals our mission as a church.
  • Outwardly Focused: To make disciples, we must be looking for opportunities to reach people outside of our church body.
  • Strategically Simple: We desire to keep the primary focus of our church resources (time, passion, prayer, finances, etc.) on making disciples.
  • Intentionally Relational: We believe discipleship happens best when lives are shared in personal and authentic relationships that provide teaching opportunities, support and accountability.

What is a disciple?

A disciple...

  • Holds the Bible as their standard of truth and make daily reading of it a priority
  • Is passionate about God's Glory
  • Is Spirit-led
  • Is a worshipper
  • Is a person of prayer
  • Is part of God's family
  • Reaches out
  • Is joyfully generous

what is our pathway to discipleship?

Discipleship is the work of the Holy Spirit progressively changing Christians at their very core to become more like Christ.  We call that work sanctification.  It is not a work we can accomplish by our own efforts, rather it is a gracious and ongoing work of God in our lives.

Our pathway or responsibility to discipleship is primarily to have faith in God's sanctifying work in our lives.  Additionally, we need to put ourselves in the best position to receive that sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit.  We put ourselves in the best position to receive that sanctifying work of God by making a priority to regular and ongoing:

  • Attendance of Sunday morning worship - Gathering together as a church family once a week for worship, prayer, Bible teaching, and fellowship is critical to our growth as disciples.  We need each other and must make this family time a priority.
  • Participation in a Bible Study Group - These groups provide teaching environments that are based on the truth of the Bible and that include close and supportive relationships with other Christians.  The Bible study groups purposefully teach by example, encourage personal application, and provide ongoing support and accountability.
  • Serving in one the church's ministries - It is through the work of our members in different ministries that lives are impacted and God's name is glorified.  We cannot grow as disciples if our faith is simply words without corresponding actions.